why you should try?

YourFamilyHome  why you should try?

Increasingly, building a new home or extension is open to new and better solutions.The modular home technology is fast becoming the way forward for an energy efficient , quick , hassle free build.lndeed, it is recognized by the various authorities on the subject to be the most cost effective and quickest, cleanest way to build a home.
The modular slab wall has 250mm of insulation, comprising of 100mm of external prefinished wall insulation with 150mm of rockwool in the cavity.

Siniat , reinforced, water and fire resistant plasterboards complete the slap , which will include conduits for electrics and plumbing, where required.
The boards are fixed by screw, in the event of removal being required during the build.

We always recommend underfloor heating in the insulated foundation for better ambient room temperature and to totally eliminate any cold bridging.
This also eliminates the need for wall radiators!
The Windows and doors are factory fitted also, to ensure an hermetically sealed opening.

Lastly, the roof is constructed of the highest quality KVH planed all over, pressure impregnated German pine, fully factory insulated and tiled to suit the roofing locally.

We also offer a secondary heat exchange ventilation system , which effectively warms the fresh incoming air to the structure.
This feature will probably be a regulation for passive homes by 2021.